• Fabric = 28 count Cashel in Dusk by Picture This

  • Pattern size = 12” x 12” (14 ct.)

  • Stitch count = 168 x 168

  • Stitched 2 over 2


  • All DMC

About the design:

I sometimes have a strange taste in colors. I like intense colors, rather than just bright ones, and deep reds are some of my favorites. I find red mixed with a lovely, deep charcoal grey to be a very appealing combination. So, the rare grey form of bloodstone is consequently one of my favorite gemstones.

Bloodstone has the chemical formula of SiO2 (silicon dioxide). The specific type of silica is called chalcedony. The name ‘bloodstone’ came about because of the presence of spots and streaks of red jasper or iron oxide (a rusty red color), which supposedly resemble drops of blood. Most bloodstones are dark green with red, though a few are more grey in color. I chose to make the bloodstone dragon grey with streaks of blood red.

Released in 2009