• Fabric = abric for Water Opal (left) = 28 count Cashel in Crystal Icon by Picture This

  • Fabric for Fire Opal (right) = 28 count Cashel in Crystal Moss by Picture This

  • Pattern size = 11“ x 14.5“ (14 ct.)

  • Stitch count = 149 x 203

  • Stitched 2 over 2


  • All DMC or Sullivan's

Either design can be stitched in the "water" or "fire" colors

About the design:

This is my second Asian style dragon. She is a bit more delicate in features and has horns rather than the antlers depicted on ‘Jade’. But, she does have the sinuous body, long whiskers, and absence of wings common to dragons of the East.

Opals are basically a form of hydrated silica, meaning it is glass with water in it. This odd combination causes light passing through the crystal to diffract and change colors, sometimes into one wavelength sometimes into several, so that an opal can contain a variety of changing colors as it is moved around within a beam of light.

Released in 2011