New for 2023

Solar Wind

A new signet in the style of Eclipse and Nocturne.  Now available on Etsy!

The Study of Life

This is a stylized and dragonized version of the biohazard sign commonly seen in doctor's offices or Biology labs.  This particular one hangs in my office (a good friend turned it into a wall hanging for me).  The "words" are in ogham (read bottom to top, left to right) and say "Sgrudabh na beatha", which is Irish Gaelic for "The study of life".  This design is huge, being 27 x 20 inches in 14 count, and so I have no plans to release it, though I am working on a smaller version that should be out later this year or early in 2024.


This is the first portrait of my newest rat terrier, Raven.