• Fabric = 32 count Belfast by Picture This. Model above is on Fathom, and model below on Fresco

  • Pattern size = 12“ x 5.5“ (16 ct.)

  • Stitch count = 194 x 91

  • Stitched 2 over 2.


  • DMC in above model

  • Weeks Dye Works in below model

This design can be stitched in any color thread on any color cloth. It requires approximately 14 yards of thread in a single color.

About the design:

This mask is shaped like some of the moths from the genus Antheraea. These are large moths, many of which have eyespots on the wings. They are not as colorful as other moths of the family Saturniidae to which they belong, but their caterpillars form cocoons of silk that are collected from the wild to produce a type of silk called “tussah” that is rougher than the silk collected from domesticated species of silk moths. The North American Polyphemus moth belongs to the genus Antheraea. The Polyphemus moth has a 6 inch wingspan and is a tannish brown color with large eyespots on the hindwings. Their caterpillars feed on a variety of tree species.

Released in 2012