Model above:

  • Fabric = 28 count Cashel in Solar by Picture This

  • Pattern size = 14“ x 14“ (14 ct.)

  • Stitch count = 196 x 196

  • Stitched 2 over 2.


  • Gentle Art

  • Crescent Colours

This design can be stitched in any color thread on any color cloth. It requires approximately 33 yards of thread for the dragons, but less than 5 yards for the moon.

Model below:

  • Fabric below = 14 count Aida in Twilight by Picture This

  • Threads for the model below include two stranded Threadworx 11213 for the moon, one strand of Threadworx 1106 + one strand Weeks Dye Works 2268 (Fire) for the dragon bodies, and two strands of Threadworx 1106 for the wings.

About the design:

This is another one of those designs that Marilyn at Picture This inspired by saying one day that I should do a solar eclipse. It sounded insane. How do you represent a solar eclipse and stick with a dragony theme? I went away that day bemused, but the creative corner of my right brain kept worrying at the problem and, slowly, this idea evolved. The central disc represents the moon’s shadow covering the sun and the dragons sitting around the rim represent the flaming corona. Doing it on the tie-dyed cloth ‘Solar’ added a bit of flair, but meant that I would have to make it non-natural colors, and these looked best against the yellow and red of the cloth. Someday, I think I will redo it on one of the blue sky colored fabrics with the disc in traditional black and the corona in yellows, but for now, this is it, and at least it won’t blind you to look at. - Note: As you may have noticed, I did get around to redoing this design in the more traditional eclipse colors. Enjoy!

Released in 2011