Model above:

  • Fabric for model above = 28 count Cashel in Lunar by Picture This

  • Pattern size = 14“ x 14“ (14 ct.)

  • Stitch count = 196 x 196

  • Stitched 2 over 2.


  • DMC for top model, Threadworx for bottom model.

This pattern can be stitched on any color cloth with any color threads.

  • The moon requires less than 5 yards.

  • Dragon bodies require about 11 yards.

  • The inner color of the wings requires 10 yards, the outer color, 9 yards.

  • Single color wings need 19 yards.

Model above:

  • Fabric for model below = 14 count Aida in Twilight by Picture This

  • Threads for the model below include two stranded Threadworx 11213 for the moon, one strand of Threadworx 1106 + one strand Weeks Dye Works 2268 (Fire) for the dragon bodies, and two strands of Threadworx 1106 for the wings.

About the design:

This pattern was designed as a companion piece to “Eclipse”. That design was inspired by a solar eclipse. This design was inspired by a lunar eclipse, which occurs when the earth passes between the sun and moon, casting the shadow of the earth on the moon. Usually, the moon is a reddish color, but I also chose to make it rather misty, so that the wings of the guardian dragons are fading into surrounding clouds. The blue version has colors that match the cloth very well, while the reddish version has the moon and dragon bodies very visible, but again with fading wings. You may, of course choose any colors.

The three dragons are a salute to the three phases of the moon and the triple goddess often associated with them, variously called the maiden, the mother (or warrior), and the crone. The word ‘Nocturne” was originally used to refer to tranquil music inspired by the night. One could easily imagine that the faint glow around the umbra (shadow) of a lunar eclipse contains dragons, quietly singing to the darkness between stars.

Released in 2013