• Fabric = 28 count Cashel in Lava by Picture This

  • Pattern size = 13” x 5” (14 ct.)

  • Stitch count = 185 x 71

  • Stitched 2 over 2.


  • Vikki Clayton hand-dyed silks

This design can be stitched in any color thread on any color cloth. It requires approximately 15 yards of thread in a single color.

About the design:

This is the first of a new line of designs I’ve called ‘Signets’. I started out making them as quick, fun-to-stitch patterns that I could do on odd sized pieces of leftover cloth. However, they are so fun to do, I'm not sure where it will all end.

A signet is an emblem used to identify an individual's signature. Historically, they were used by nobles and other important people as a means of verifying the identity of the person who signed a letter or document. I called this particular one ‘Paladin’ because he’s obviously a relaxed and confident warrior, a born leader.

Released in 2009