Sea Dragons

Dragons of the ocean depths.

Strangers in the Deep

Once again, here is a design inspired by a suggestion of Marilyn’s. I was in the store one day and she said “You should design a sea dragon.” So, one day while proctoring an exam, I sat down and sketched out a sea dragon. Unfortunately, it was just too static. So, I thought about two sea dragons meeting by accident as they swim through the deeps, swirling around each other in a yin-yang like configuration, and here they are.

These are deep sea dragons, with shark-like tail fins and other fins designed after a creature called the lionfish. They also have bioluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) spots on their sides. Many deep-sea animals have bioluminescent organs that they use for communication, prey lures, and camouflage.

Size = 13” x 19” (14 ct.)

Her Royal Majesty

This is actually the first of the sea dragon designs, but she seemed drab and uninteresting at the time, so I did a more dynamic design as the first (Strangers in the Deep). I've since reworked this one with more elaborate fins and colors and she's much more acceptable now.

Size = 16” x 10.5” (14 ct.)

Encounter in the Depths

When I decided to make another sea dragon, this one just swam onto the paper when I was doodling while proctoring an exam. She seemed to be looking at something and so, while I was trying to decide on a whale or dolphin, my friend and creative consultant, Beth, suggested a diver (she’s also responsible for the gaudy purple and yellow fins of the original model). Humans are land creatures, but despite the name we’ve given it, our planet’s surface is mostly covered with water. All that vast expanse of liquid might as well be “aqua incognita” for all we know of its denizens. Who knows what marvels might yet be lurking, undiscovered, in the remote reaches of the deep. Maybe someday you will have a wondrous encounter such as this one.

Size = 13” x 18” (14 ct.)

Encounter- Variations

This version is done with fewer thread colors, each is variegated.

Size = 11.5” x 16” (16 ct.)

Court Jester

I came up with this sea dragon at the same time as ‘Her Royal Majesty’ and because he came out rather more gaudy than expected and with the air of an acrobat, he became ‘Court Jester’.

This fellow, like the other sea dragons so far, has a tail in a familiar shark-like shape that is called heterocercal. It’s a shape that provides sharks with lift while swimming. Sharks have few internal mechanisms that give them buoyancy in the water and so must swim all the time to keep from sinking to the ocean’s bottom. I suspect that having a tail providing extra lift is rather handy for deep ocean sea dragons too.

Size = 13” x 16” (14 ct.)