The Boys

The designs on this page are my dogs. Currently, only "The Chair" is available for sale, but I am open to requests if you would really like a portrait of a miniature pinscher or rat terrier. 

The Chair

Echo, Havoc, and Chaos snoozing in a comfy chair. 


This is Kano, my miniture pinscher, who died of old age in 2006.The rune is called ‘Kano’ and has the meaning of renewed clarity and dispelled darkness 

Kano portrait


This is Chaos, the first of my rat "terrors", who died from cancer in 2014.  The first rune is ‘Thurs’, which stands for chaos and transformation.  The second is called ‘Reid’ and it stands for order and protection.  It is depicted on this pattern in the reversed configuration, in which it then stands for disorder and chaos.  

Chaos portrait


This is Echo, my second rat "terror", whom we lost in 2021.  His rune is ‘Ansuz’, which has meanings including communication, speech, and enthusiasm.  

Echo portrait


My third rat "terror", Havoc.  His rune is ‘Hagalaz’, which has meanings including hailstones and disruption. 

Havoc portrait


This is Umber, yet another rat terror.  His rune is "Ea" and stands for earth, which matches his name because umber is an earth based pigment. 

Umber portrait


My fifth rat terror.  People are beginning to ask me why I keep getting these crazy guys, but I can't seem to help myself.

Raven portrait