Fantasy designs are inspired by fantasy or mythical creatures other than dragons. Click on the images below to find out more about the design.

Size = 16” x 12” (14 ct.)

The Wild Hunt

I was in the Picture This store one day when Marilyn said, “Hey, you should design a carousel.” I replied, “What for? Everyone does carousels.” But, I kept thinking about it and tried a variety of versions. The animals were pretty easy. I’ve always been fascinated by mythology and these were inspired by Celtic legends of the Wild Hunt, when a mad Sidhe lord would roam the countryside with his hounds killing anyone unlucky enough to be out. I’ve never found a good description of Fae horses, but these seem rather in character, especially as I was feeling rather grumpy when I created them. The hounds are my version of Welsh spirit hounds called Cwn Annwn. Once I had the animals, I was still never satisfied with the frame, until I was thinking about incorporating the Celtic Tree of Life one day and then decided that a tree would make a good frame by itself. That worked fairly well, but a pretty green tree with mossy ground didn’t seem right for so grim a subject, so, again, I took the advice of Marilyn, Shari, and my creative consultant, Beth, and used these more autumny colors. And, so we have the first tree-o-sel.

Size = 12“ x 10.5“ (14 ct.)


This design started out as an alternate for 'Stardust' because I thought it was a bit static. However, most other people seemed to like 'Stardust' as it is. So, rather than waste this nebular design, I decided to turn it into something other than a dragon.

I grew up loving horses (not that I've ever gotten over it) and it seemed that the next best thing to a dragon would have to be a winged horse. The name I’ve given this particular one is an alternate spelling for the name of a horse belonging to a Sidhe king in Irish mythology. The horse in this legend did not have wings, but was able to run across water.

A nebula is an enormous glowing cloud of dust, hydrogen, and plasma from which stars form. The brightest areas are where stars are coalescing. Beautiful photographs of nebulae can be found at the 'Astronomy Picture of the Day' website ( Unfortunately, the lovely colors are false and depend on the type of film being used (like infrared or ultraviolet).